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Eliana Baucicault

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top podcast episodes

Maghon Taylor

Mary Marantz

Hayley Paige

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amber housley

Amber Housley, marketing guru and sweet life cultivator helps women create thriving businesses and joy-filled lives. In this episode, she gives you permission to show up in your life and business.

episode 3

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Beth lindsay chapman

Beth Lindsay Chapman is a powerhouse in the wedding and bridal industry. Learn why she left her 6 figure job at a billon dollar fashion empire to fulfill her purpose-- and how she grew her 7-figure business.

episode 2

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New to the show? Welcome! In our first episode I share more about the podcast, what you can expect from future episodes, and my a-ha moment that lead to me uncovering my purpose.

the power in purpose

episode 1

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heather crabtree

Heather shares how she uncovered her purpose and encourages all of us to start making mindset shifts in order to scale our businesses and our lives-- and to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

episode 6

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Tyler j. mccall

Tyler J. McCall shares how he discovered his purpose -- to help creative entrepreneurs be more genuine and intentional in their marketing. Struggling on instagram? Tyler shares TANGIBLE and ACTIONABLE tips on how to turn your followers into fans.

episode 5

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Eliana Baucicault gets candid about why she decided to start her magazine after discovering her purpose to help others celebrate diversity. Eliana shares her journey, and what it it is like to be a woman of color in her industry.

eliana baucicault

episode 4

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better goal setting

In this solo episode of the show, I share with you the top 5 reasons why your goals fail year after year-- and what you can do about it. This is episode 1 of a 2 part series, where we'll uncover your best goals for 2019.

episode 9

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mary marantz

Mary Marantz shares her journey and how growing up poor in rural West Virginia shaped the entrepreneur she is today. Mary wants you to stop asking "how, what, or who" and start asking this important question instead: OK, but why?

episode 8

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Kristy Rice gets candid about the burnout that led to her uncovering her purpose. She shares a wealth of information on how we can license our work to major brands, get started on writing our book (she’s written 8!) and what it’s really like to create products.

kristy rice

episode 7

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are you solving your customers

In this solo episode of the show, I share with you a recent experience that changed my perspective on solving customers problems and ask you this question: what problems are you solving for your customers?

episode 12

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biz books + word of the year

I share my top 5 business books to read in 2019 and encourage you on setting a word for the year. 

episode 11

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I share my goal setting method using post-its, and walk you through how to set intentional goals that will stick in 2019. This method works perfectly alongside goal planners like Powersheets -- and has transformed the way I set my goals!

post-it goal setting method

episode 10

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coming soon

Episode 15 of The Power in Purpose is coming soon!

episode 15

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hayley paige

Have you ever wondered what the journey looked like for one of your favorite designers? Today, I have the special privilege to chat with Hayley Paige: designer, creator, and emoji maker! 

episode 14

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Maghon Taylor is the SHE behind All She Wrote Notes, a calligraphy and hand lettering studio. She shares why she's on a mission to spread happiness through her handwriting and why you should keep your eyes on your own paper. 

maghon taylor

episode 13

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what's this podcast
all about?

Entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

The Power in Purpose Podcast explores the stories behind some of the most successful entrepreneurs. How did they discover their purpose? What were they doing before they found success? How do they live and work each day on purpose, serving their customers better than any of their competition? 

Purpose is the ♥ behind why we do what we do.

is powerful


is powerful

what can you expect to learn on this podcast? 

Our guests, who are leaders in a variety of industries, not only share their stories, but how they created a profitable business with purpose. We'll uncover their secret tools, resources and strategies. Each episode is filled with actionable nuggets of information that you can apply to your business.

a profitable business

the heart

what will you learn?

a profitable business

behind building

I'm a business owner whose been in the game for 11 years strong (insert muscle Emoji!). For so long I had been working in and on my business without truly understanding what my purpose was. At times, I felt lost, overwhelmed and even resentful of the responsibility and workload I had. But, 2013 also proved to be the year I uncovered my purpose -- the reason why I do what I do. You can learn more about me, how I uncovered my purpose, and what this podcast is all about by listening to the first episode.


I started this podcast because I wanted to share the stories of creative entrepreneurs who have uncovered their purpose-- in the hopes that the power of their story will inspire you to discover yours.


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Purpose is powerful, y'all. It's what drives us everyday to do the work that we do and serve our clients and team well. If you're struggling in business right now-- I want you to ask yourself this question:

imagine waking up every morning driven by your purpose, serving the type of clients who value your work.

finding your purpose

why do you do what you do?

It's not an easy question to answer by most entrepreneurs and I believe it's where most problems in business stem from. If you're struggling on business strategy, marketing, team building, sales -- aka ALL.THE.THINGS -- than it's likely you haven't connected with your purpose. But there's no need to fret-- you've come to the right place.

learn more about how i can help you uncover your purpose ⟶

imagine waking up every morning driven by your purpose, serving the type of clients who value your work.

My Purpose is to help entrepreneurs like you have the same level of success I've been so fortunate enough to have.

are you an entrepreneur who has discovered your purpose?

are you an entrepreneur who has discovered your purpose?

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